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Posy Floral Design - A little bit about  Japanese Ikebana school “SOGETSU”

“Flowers are beautiful, but not each composition is.

A flower in the composition is no longer just a flower.

The flower in the composition becomes human.

That is why everything in Ikebana is so fascinating and so difficult.

The Ikebana is made of flowers,

But its existence is impossible without man”.

Sofu Tasigakhara

The founder of the Ikebana school “SOGETSU”

Since I am a certified teacher of the Ikebana school “SOGETSU” with a unique name assigned to me in 2011 “MEIHO” which in turn means “Peak of Perfection”, I can afford myself to show the exact direction and the main ideology of this creation of the great Japanese floral designer and Master of Ikebana Sofu Tasigakhara.

Every type of art has its secrets of mastery. The ideal for traditional Japanese art is the pithiness of an expression. We meet with inscrutable secrets particularly often in the art of Ikebana, where the material used is flowers – the gifts of Mother Nature.

The Ikebana was ‘’born’’ in Japanese for the same reason the sculpture was started in Greece. The beginnings of the Ikebana creation were influenced with the human desire to show the beauty of flowers in the most accurate and complete way.

We can help you to bring originality and attraction into your apartment, office, or restaurant via the art of Ikebana. The layout of rooms cannot be easily changed, but you can place more and newer flower compositions. The Ikebana is able to create a refurbished view of the same room.

Classical Japanese Ikebana, sculpture-Ikebana, Christmas and Easter Ikebana, and non-traditional art-Ikebana – all this can be embodied in the modern art of Ikebana created by professor Sofu Tasigakhara.

Happiness is in valuing beauty.

Happiness is in the aspiration for beauty.

Happiness is to give beauty.

Happiness is in the creation of beauty.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
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