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How to choose a floral bouquet for a specific occasion?

First date, birthday, anniversary or wedding - are there any reasons to present a beautiful flower bouquet to your loved one? Flowers are given to women, men and even children. And in each case, the composition should carry a special message that will correspond to the occasion.

What flower bouquet to choose for a loved one?

Of course, the most beautiful! Here's what to look out for when buying:
For color. Red shades are traditionally considered symbols of romantic love and hot passion, pink ones will tell about sincere sympathy and pure love. At the same time, white floral bouquets for your beloved help to express sublime feelings and almost divine admiration for the girl.
For aroma. Spicy and bright smells will cheer up the one to whom you show a sign of attention, and gentle, barely perceptible notes will set her in a romantic mood.
For uniqueness. Of course, everyone wants the bouquet to reflect her personality and be assembled from “those same” flowers.

How to choose a floral bouquet for a birthday?

It is difficult to find the only correct answer because every birthday person is a person with his own taste. To summarize, there are basic "rules" for choosing a flower bouquet for a birthday: men are presented with classic bouquets of red roses or ascending compositions;
women will suit the classic in the form of the “queen of flowers”, as well as chrysanthemums, asters, orchids, peonies, alstroemerias or tulips;
children can be presented with a bright fantasy bouquet with sweets or toy decor.
Still, wondering how to choose the right bouquet for your birthday? The surest way is to find out the tastes of the recipient because favorite flowers always bring a smile.

Flower Bouquet for an anniversary

How to choose a flower bouquet for an anniversary should be discussed separately. This holiday is a special day in the life of every person, so it is appropriate to give a truly memorable present. Take a closer look at 101 roses, a large arrangement in a wicker basket or a voluminous bouquet of bright plants.

How to choose flowers as a gift for a wedding?

On this bright day, it is appropriate to give delicate bouquets of pastel shades: pink, cream or white. Roses, alstroemerias, lilies and of course peonies will look great. However, the so-called color weddings are increasingly being held, when the design, clothing and refreshments are designed in the same range of shades. Therefore, it is worthwhile to clarify with the newlyweds their stylistic preferences in advance and support the idea with appropriate colors.

But, of course, the main thing is to give flowers with love. Maybe without a reason!

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