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Fall Workshop Schedule

Fool WorkShop ScheduleLearn the basic tools and techniques used in floral design to help you create simple and elegant floral arrangements. We require that this class be completed by everyone with no prior floral experience before attending any of the other classes to ensure that everyone is building on the same foundation. Cost of the workshop is $50 per person, and includes a selection of supplies for you to take home.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece – Wednesday, October 9th

Learn how to make a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table. New floral design techniques will be covered, as well as elements of design, color harmony and flower choice. Cost of the workshop is $75 and you will take home a completed centerpiece at the end of the evening.

Vase Arrangement Series

Tuesday, October 22nd – Greening and arranging techniques

Tuesday, October 29th – Using a tape grid

Tuesday, November 5th – Using floral foam

Learn how to create arrangements in virtually any type of container by employing three of the most common techniques used by professional floral designers.  Each week we will create a new type of arrangement, putting into practice many of the concepts discussed in Floral Design Basics.  Cost of the series is $225 and includes all materials. You will take home a completed arrangement at the end of each class. 

Holiday Wreath - Tuesday, November 19th

                                    Thursday, November 21st

                                    Wednesday, November 27th

Create a beautiful fresh wreath to adorn your front door for the holidays. Various types of bow tying will be covered, as well as the different mechanics used to attach ornaments, natural elements, and fresh flowers. Cost of the workshop is $75 and you will take home a completed wreath at the end of the evening.

*All workshops take place in Posy and run from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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