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Ideas For The Valentine's Day

For any floral designer also – and above all – it is very important to provide the right presentation in the flower shop. Starting from the background decorations that will be combined with wall decals or murals, every customer will get the message: “Be my Valentine!”

Sometimes we wonder what turns a bouquet into a messenger of LOVE on Valentine’s Day. Naturally the amazing composition of flowers with a symbolic recognition of love!

And no doubt, the red roses in little vase bouquets reinforce the Valentine’s theme. Such small Valentine’s surprises should always be kept on hand, as many customers are looking for a quick and easy solution to tell someone they like: “I’m happy you are in my life!”

In addition, the rose petals are glued to a lump of dry floral foam carved into a heart shape. Ornamented with long knotted ribbons, this amorously handmade gift is attached to the floral wreath with some pins.

Finally, uncomplicated and ever-popular round bouquets that are turned into Valentine’s reverences by the choice of fresh cut flowers dominated by red roses. KISS ME, DARLING!  The kissing lips can be created to the desired shape and size and are then delivered on a gift card. Adding them to the presentation of a wonderful bouquet will motivate many people to present their sweethearts with a floral expression of their love. Whether KISSING LIPS, LIPSTICK or a pretty BOW. Such symbols – especially in shades of red or pink – make it unmistakeably clear that this is a VALENTINE’S theme.

Ideas for Valentine's Day
Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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