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Posy Floral Design - Gerbera – Rainbow Notes of Happiness

Gerbera flowers are among the most popular in the world.  In the beginning, I want to present a small reference from the history of the origin of this wonderful flower.  In 1737, botanist Jan Gronovius first described the Transvaal chamomile and named it after his friend, the naturalist Traugott Gerber. Under the name “gerbera” the plant got into the classification of the natural world of Linnaeus.  However, cultivation began much later – in 1884, when researcher Robert Jameson discovered a flower on the shores of South Africa and gerbera quickly became widespread and loved by gardeners overall. In the article, I will tell you what this flower symbolizes and when it is appropriate to give it.

Considering the wide range of shades of contemporary gerbera, it is a popular flower for creating bouquets. Besides, for different people of the world, gerbera has several meanings.  In Egypt, for example, the flower symbolizes nature and devotion to the sun. The Celt's believe that gerbera reduced the stress and sadness of daily life. In some countries of Eastern Europe, gerbera represents the innocent hearts of children and it is associated with gratitude and happiness.

It may seem that gerberas mean the same thing as roses. But this is not the case. A bouquet of roses from a man to a woman will always have romantic overtones; gerberas are not associated with romance. Their meaning must be perceived through the wish for happiness. A bouquet of large chamomile inflorescences will appeal to people who love simplicity and grace at the same time.

According to my observations, gerbera mixes and designer bouquets are very popular.

  • Multi-coloured ensembles turn out to be juicy, colourful and variegated. With their help, people may wish well-being, happiness, cheerfulness, smiles, and positive emotions.
  • In our designer bouquets, we use gerberas to place colour accents and add a certain flavour to the bouquet.
  • Monochromatic compositions are often chosen to express a very specific feeling: friendly care or sympathy, sincere attitude, respect and love.

Finally, another advantage of these cheerful flowers is their good durability. They stand up to 20 days in a vase, provided that you remember to change the water every 4-5 days.  Therefore, if you have chosen a gerbera bouquet for congratulations, be sure: the recipient will not only feel your warmth and attention but will also enjoy bright colours for 3 weeks.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we receive a weekly assortment of fresh gerberas from our local grower. We are constantly experimenting with the design of flowers, trying to create wonderful and varied bouquets, choosing different packaging materials: craft, mesh, netting, felt, etc. They add volume to bouquets with the help of various greens such as Ruscus, fern, salal, boxwood, etc. As a result of skillful work, compositions are obtained that captivate with their beauty.  My advice is to choose bouquets that include these wonderful flowers such as GERBERAS because it is easy to evoke positive emotions with their help.

Sunday, March 7, 2021
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