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How to save a flower arrangement: flower preparation and possible feeding options

Many consumers who are looking for advice on how to keep a flower arrangement in a vase often make one of the most common mistakes - they take the first advice they come across from the Internet without consulting florists about the effectiveness and usefulness of the chosen method. Not infrequently, such rash acts lead to the fact that living buds are not preserved, but rather wither and dry in a short time.

How to Preserve Flowers: Florists' Recommendations for Different Flowers
If you don’t know how to keep a flower arrangement or bouquet at home, you should remember that the freshness of the compositions will depend on the right method chosen for a single representative of the flower family. When choosing bouquets of roses or compositions of lilies, orchids or chrysanthemums, you can keep freshness for a long time and with minimal effort if you use the advice of Posy florists.

  • Roses can be kept beautiful and fresh with regular water changes and the longest cut of the stem;
  • Lilies, which can be ordered in the catalogue of the Posy website, are preserved after the removal of the anthers of the stamens;
  • To save chrysanthemums, all leaves on the stems must be removed;
  • Carnations and gerberas, which you can buy with delivery in the online store Empire of Flowers, need to be cut every day by a few centimetres;
  • Daffodils should be placed in a vase separately from other inflorescences since these buds release elements that are poisonous to other plants into the water.

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